Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Intellij IDEA adventures with Python

 I am a bit puzzled this morning.

Yesterday I built a simple python application and containerized it. It was all working in Intellij with the python plugin and I could run it with the Dockerfile. A good experience that made it easy to develop and test.

The only thing not working in IntelliJ was the AI assistant. The plugin was stuck in eap-preview and no matter than I re-installed it and restarted IntelliJ, he did not want to recognize my license. Frustrating.

I apply the update to 2023.3.1 and this morning...

I have a working AI assistant.

IntelliJ will not recognize that python is available and keeps telling me that it can't reach the Docker server. Complete Amnesia.

At the CLI, I can confirm that docker and python are available.

I have no clue what it lost in its configuration to not be able to recognize anything.


  1. For some reason I needed to modify the running configuration for the Dockerfile to use the auto-detected Docker because the previous one seemed to be out of sync. Odd but I am blaming the upgrade without evidence.

  2. To address the issue with running the Python code I needed to select and interpreter and I selected a system one but that cause issues since my project was a virtual environment. I needed to select the python interpreter that was in /venv/bin and it started to work as expected.