Wednesday, September 27, 2023

First python application using my GPU

 I simply wanted to make sure that some Python code could use my GPU and it took a little more effort than I taught.

The code I found simply makes sure you have some GPU available and fills in a matrix of 1000x1000. Very simple.

First rookie mistake was to call my file which cause a circular reference that took me too long to figure out.

I also needed to install a few missing components on my fresh Ubuntu 22.04 installation.

pip install tensorflow

sudo apt install nvidia-cuda-toolkit

pip install tensorrt

Once all these components were present, the application ran without errors.

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

SDKMan needs curl from apt install

 I made a rookie mistake and installed the curl from the snap store and that is not compatible with SDKMan. I would get errors about curl failing:

curl: Failed to open /home/user/.sdkman/tmp/spark-3.4.0.headers.tmp

The solution was to remove the snap curl and get the apt one installed:

sudo snap remove curl

sudo apt install curl

Easy enough and I can now install all my java tools.